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Suncoast Car Care. The Maroochydore Car Service and Repair Centre. The Friendly Sunshine Coast Mechanics working for you.

We can take care of all your vehicle's servicing and mechanical repair requirements. Our aim to provide superior quality servicing and mechanical repairs in the most economical way.

Whether you need mechanical repairs, routine servicing, engine tuning for older cars or engine management diagnosis and repairs for modern cars: We can do it at Suncoast Car Care in Maroochydore.

All work on your car will be carried out with upmost diligence by skilled mechanics.

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OuR Service

  • Car Servicing from $ 160

    Engine Oil and filter change.

    Includes 5 litres Semi Synthetic Oil

    Includes oil filter

    Mechanical inspection and report.

  • Logbook Service

    Servicing your car by an independent workshop will not void your warranty.

    Servicing your car by an indpendent service centre will save you money..

  • Mechanical Repairs

    Mechanical repairs on all makes and models.

    Timing belts


  • Roadworthy Inspections (RWC).

    We are authorised by Queensland Transport to carry out safety inspections on passenger cars and light commercial vehicles up to 4.5 tonnes.

  • We are an authorised A1 Exhaust Distributor.

    Bolt-on mufflers.

    Universal mufflers.

    Exhaust pipes.

Certified LPG Workshop

  • LP Gas conversions.

    LPG fuel system installations. Conversion from petrol to LP Gas.

  • LPG Certificates.

    LPG certificates as required in conjunction with a Roadworthy Certificate or new installation.

  • LP Gas servicing.

    Dedicated servicing of your LP Gas powered vehicle.

Current Tech-Talk 2

The timing belt is an important engine component that requires replacement at intervals specified by the manufacturer. Failure to replace a timing belt within the specified time or distance limits can lead to serious engine damage in case of an interference engine. In a non-interference engine, breakage of the timing belt will still cause the engine to stop, requiring the vehicle to be towed to a workshop for a timing belt replacement.

What is a timing belt?

The timing belt is a toothed belt that provides a mechanical link between the crankshaft and the camshaft, operating the valves in an More [+]

Construction of the timing belt

The timing belt is a toothed flexible rubber belt with a Fibreglass or Kevlar tensile cord. Rubber in fact is Highly Engineered Compound such as, More [+]

Other functions of the belt

Depending on design, most timing belts fulfil other functions such as driving the water pump, balance shaft, or high pressure fuel pump.

Timing belt wear

What wears out a timing belt are age, external chemical impact and mechanical wear. Where mechanical wear can be measured More [+]

Causes for belt failure

There are several reasons why a timing belt can break. One of them is wear; a belt that is neglected to be replaced will weaken to the stage More [+]

Belt replacement

A timing belt failure is a major inconvenience in the best case and a very expensive inconvenience in most cases. More [+]